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Optical LAN, Network and Wireless

Upgrade your network with Optical LAN

With Optical LAN, System Tech is able to give customers a solution that meets their LAN needs for today and the future.

Optical LAN grew tremendously in 2018, because more customers and industries became aware of it’s benefits. System Tech is proud to have played a part in that growth. They installed Tellabs Optical LAN in Thunder Ridge High School in Idaho Falls, Idaho and it proved to be a major success.

Top 5 reasons to go Optical LAN

  • Future Proof Infrastructure

Single mode fiber is not limited by the bandwidth constraints of copper cabling. When you install Single Mode Fiber with an Optical LAN, recabling is no longer necessary. With Optical LAN an upgrade doesn’t require tearing out cabling, only a nondestructive procedure of replacing the ONTs

  • Reduced Space Requirements and Operating Expenses

 It does more with less. The space you need for Comm rooms can drop up to 90% and what would require 100 copper cables, one single-mode fiber will do. OLAN has a reach of 20-30 kilometers as opposed to copper’s 100 meter reach. Having smaller and fewer communications closets also saves on operating expenses such as HVAC and electrical.

  • Secure and Reliable

 There are fewer points of vulnerability and requires fewer personnel to manage vs a legacy copper network. This equals simplicity and security.

Multiple redundancy options are available depending on your needs providing up to 99.9999% uptime.

  • Cost effective

Carrier grade equipment, centralized management and lower maintenance costs allow you to allocate more funds toward activities that improve your organization-not maintaining your network.

  • Scalable and adaptable to the future

Upgrades to 10G and beyond won’t require a forklift upgrade. Add higher speeds where you need them by changing out equipment on each end. Deploy higher speeds where you need it, over the same fiber infrastructure.

Looking forward to SDN? OLAN provides a clear future path to open-source and standards-based SDN. Optical LAN is the best choice for the modern, high-performance 21st-century LAN

Modern enterprise networks utilize cloud based resources. Here’s a white paper about how Optical LAN stacks up against a legacy copper network.